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High volume production screen printing lines

Features of High volume production screen printing lines

Achieved higher productivity with fully automated inline system and ideal design of substrate handling system.

Lineup of High volume production screen printing lines


Screen printing lines
Roll to Roll printer

Print line with roll to roll film handling system. We can offer a print line with wide film roll handler and dryer.

リール to リール印刷機

Screen printing lines
Reel to Reel printer

This line is small version of roll to roll print line with screen frame size from 320mm square to 450mm square.We can offer it with AOI system and dryer.


Screen printing lines
Various fully automated
print lines

We can offer automated lines suitable for your application using hard ceramic, green tape, glass, film and FR4 substrates, etc.

8インチウエハ半田バンプ印刷機 MT-80SP

Screen printing lines
8-inch wafer solder
bump printer

A small automatic machine for solder bump
printing. It is a small production machine
with an integrated supply / storage unit.


Screen printing lines
LCD printer

It is an automatic line machine for thin
glass. It will not damage the glass from
supply to storage.


Screen printing lines
Printer for large
glass substrates

It is a special device that can be installed
over □2000 mm size screen frame. Can
supply, print, and discharge large glass.

We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
Please feel free to contact us
about screen printing machines.