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Screen printing lines・Reel to Reel printer

Features of Reel to Reel printer

リール to リール印刷機

A R to R type fully automatic screen printer that supports various types of printing on COF, TAB, TCP, etc. It has operability that supports a wide variety of products in small quantities, and is suitable for high-precision, high-quality screen printing that uses image recognition and a low printing pressure air balance method. It is also possible to install a UV drying furnace after the printer. It corresponds various film sizes.

Application example
  • Electronic components
  • Solar cell
  • Touch panel
  • Film device
  • Car parts
  • Fuel cell
  • Semiconductor

Specifications of Reel to Reel printer MTT-380TVC

Screen size 320mm, 380mm
Corresponding film width 35~125mm
Printing range of feed direction Max. 120mm

With auto alignment mechanism.
Squeegee head 90 degree rotation method adopted (PAT.P).

Specifications of Reel to Reel printer MTT-450TVC

Screen size 450mm
Corresponding film width 35~165mm
Printing range of feed direction Max. 200mm

With auto alignment mechanism.
Adopts squeegee automatic parallel adjustment mechanism.

We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
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