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Screen printing test

Micro-tec offers you to participate testing before you purchase our equipment.
You may experience that Micro-tec's equipment are superior in the usability, functionality, precision and quality.
Also you can easily find good conditions for production, then it will be available to have appropriate evaluations.
We believe it will make your production smooth after you install our equipment in the near future.
Please access from our Inquiry Form to consult testing.

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Testing equipment


Printing area: MAX□150㎜/*□180㎜
Location: Urayasu technical center/Nagaoka Factory/Nagoya Sales Office


Printing area: MAX□250㎜
Location: Urayasu technical center/Nagaoka Factory/Nagoya Sales Office


Printing area: MAX □550㎜× □450
Location: Urasa Factory


Printing area: MAX W750×D1050㎜
Location: Nagaoka Factory

Curved surface printer MTU series

Printing area: MAX W200×D320㎜/W800×250㎜
Location: Urasa Factory

Cutting machine MTC series

Cutting range: □80×150㎜
Thickness: 0.22~1.5㎜/1.5㎜~5㎜
Location: Urasa Factory

*When use MT-320TVC at screen frame □ 380, printing range will be Max. □180 mm.
*Drying furnaces (badge furnaces) are installed at each factory.

Measuring machines

Various analysis, such as a printing result and screen analysis, is conducted, and the optimal printing conditions are proposed.

Large Length Measuring Machine 2500 x 2500mm

Max.Screen frame size 2500mm. It checks and measure the condition of an emulsion, a mesh and print result.

大型測長機 2500 x 2500mm

Digital Microscope KEYENCE VHX

3D observation& measurements.
An irregular subject can also observe and measure the shape of surface by using 3D display.

デジタルマイクロスコープ KEYENCE VHX

3D Measuring Instrument NIKON NEXIV VMR-3020

With a "CNC picture measurement system", with high precision, it can automatic-measure and can inspect the size and form of a substrate.

三次元測定機 NIKON NEXIV VMR-3020

Electronic Balancer AND-HR

Minimum measurement 0.1mg.

分析用電子天秤 AND-HR

Clean environment

Either cleaning room or cleaning booth is available for testing under clean environment.
Please access from our Inquiry Form to consult testing.


Clean room (Urasa Factory)

The class of cleanness 10000 (Actual measurement 2000)
Temperature range: 20 - 30°C
Humidity range: 40 - 60%


Clean booth (Urasa Factory)

A test under the stabilized temperature and humidity environment is possible.
Since the clean room is W3000xL4000xH2500mm size, a printing experiment of a large-sized glass substrate can be also carried out.

Nagaoka Factory・Test printing space


Apply for test printing

We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
Please feel free to contact us
about screen printing machines.