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Field engineer support

Urayasu technical centerr
Field engineer support

Micro-tec was founded for 30 years, and the number of sold device has reached about 3,000.
Field engineers are struggling every day to repair, overhaul, remodel, and print support for these screen printers.
The machine was hit. The machine suddenly stopped working....
In such a case, first just contact us!
We will decide if it needs an on-site repair as soon as possible. And we will give advice if the problems can be recovered by cumtomers self.
Urayasu TC also has been producing printer for 30 years, besides repair machine as field engineering.
As we have both production technology and field engineer experience, we can provide a wide range of services.
We are also on business trips overseas, and will continue to develop global field engineers.
We believe that security, safety, and trust come from communication.
We look forward to hearing from you.



The printer is error and stopped working. How to recover it?

Tell us the current situation.(When did it happen? During production or when turn on the power?)
First please tell us the machine number. We cannot give advice if we don't know the specifications of the machine.
In some cases, the program may disappear without being used for a long period of time.

The print result has been getting worse recently.

We will check whether it is caused by the printer, screen, or paste.
By checking the accuracy of the printer to pursue the cause of problem to judge if it is caused by thd deterioration of parts.
Since a special measuring tool is required to check the accuracy, it may be a business trip work.

We want to relocate.

We will check the specifications of the machine and relocate it.
Packing work before relocation requires preparations in consideration of restoration. If it is an automatic machine, on the marking of the connecting part, the wiring is separated and the moving parts of the machine are firmly fixed so that there is no damage at the time of relocation.

We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
Please feel free to contact us
about screen printing machines.