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Representative Greetings・Corporate Philosophy

Representative Greetings

代表取締役社長田上 洋一/取締役会長田上 義明

President & CEO
Yoichi Tagami

Yoshiaki Tagami

Since 1989 of company establishment, Micro-tec have been making every effort continuously to make our products meet various customers’ requirements. As a result of such efforts, our products have been known worldwide nowadays and admired by many customers as reliable products.

As globalization grows, social structure also changes quickly. We believe we can be an indispensable company in this era by making continuous efforts to satisfy our customers and our products can also be indispensable for development of the printed electronics industry.

With the spirit of Customer Satisfaction, we will continuously dedicate ourselves to developing state-of-art technology for providing better quality and better services.

We are looking forward to serving you soon.

Corporate Philosophy

Micro-tec Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the screen printing industry
in the electronics industry, transmitting from Japan to the world,
contributing to the development of the electronics industry,
and establishing a unique position in the screen printing industry.

"Make a company with the best technology in the world!" is our motto since our founding in 1989.
Micro-tec keep focusing on improving screen printing technology until today.
Japan's screen printing technology is now a world leader and is an indispensable process for the development of electronics.

We also recognize that our screen printing technology today is the result of constantly overcoming challenges with our customers.
We are confident that this technology will definitely contribute to the world, not just in Japan.

"From Japan to the world!"

We will contribute to the development of the electronics industry.


Management Philosophy

  1. We offer screen printers and production equipment for the electronics industry, and our goal is to be a global comprehensive manufacturer contributing to the development of the industry.
  2. Every employee shall have courage and sprits to exceed their target.
  3. Every employee shall have a sympathy, respecting each other, contributing to creating its workplace for two generations.
  4. We respect and welcome for every employee to develop its skill and have own dream of independence.

Management Vision

ONLY ONE!! ONLY ONEの装置をつくろう!ONLY ONEの技術を作ろう!ONLY ONEの組織をつくろう!ONLY ONEのマイクロテックにしよう!

Core Value


We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
Please feel free to contact us
about screen printing machines.