Frequently asked questions.
Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

About screen printer

I want to try screen printing.

Please feel free to contact us. We have 4 places for test printing in Japan.

I already have a screen printer, can I still consult with you?

Hopefully I can be of any help to you.

I'm using it for the first time. Is it requires skillful skills?

We will propose from materials to equipment, and will help you with the trial production using the demo machine so that you can determine the introduction.

When introducing the screen printer, do I have to buy various things other than the device?

The screen printing elements are screen, paste, and screen printer only.
Although there are many useful things, but first of all, these are all you need.

Is it need to have a special environment to use a screen printer?

A clean room is the best, but avoid dusty areas as it may cause printing defects such as bleeding.
Avoid direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity and drastic temperature changes.

Does screen printer need special power?

Utilities are electricity and air only.

Please tell me the difference between cheap silk printer and screen printer.

All of our products are specialized in electronics and have excellent accuracy and reproducibility.
It is a little different from the solder printing machine on the mounting line.
Please come and try the actual machine in our demo room.

Isn't screen printing inaccurate?

Recent years, the 20μm width line is also printable with silver paste.

About high volume production lines

How much equipment can you prepare?

Front and rear equipment for screen printer, such as loaders, dryers, and unloaders.
We also have a record of image inspection device and automatic paste supplier.

About maintenance support

The warranty period has expired, can I still get support?

In some cases, parts have already been discontinued, but we also have a record of repairing equipment shipped more than 20 years ago as a replacement. Please feel free to contact us first.

We want to use it overseas(not in Japan).

In some countries, field engineers stationed locally will visit and respond.
And we have well-trained engineers of agency in other countries to handle it.

About device in general

Do you have equipment other than screen printer?

We have a lineup of dryers, cutting machines, laminating machines, dipping machines, etc.
We also support custom-made automatic transport systems.

I don't know how to start to introduce the device.

First of all, please let us know the substrate size and print contents.
We will guide you on what to choose based on.

I don't know if there is a suitable device for the product I want to print.

The selling point of screen printer is that it can print on everything.
First, there is a repertoire of base equipment based on the size of the screen suitable for the target product.
After that, we will respond to requests such as how much to automate it.

About production related materials

Do you have printing-related materials?

We have not only squeegees, but also films and solvents for setting conditions.
We will propose a more efficient and comfortable printing environment for you.

Is the shape of the squeegee only a Micro squeegee?

Flat squeegees and square squeegees can also be attached by using the holder.

We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
Please feel free to contact us
about screen printing machines.