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Screen printer

Features of Screen printer

Our screen printers are designed based on the concept of high precision and high rigidity pursuing reliability.
Those are also multipurpose printers capable of printing on such as green tapes, glass substrates, film substrates, etc.
In terms of operability, all machines are operator friendly with ergonomics designs. With various options,
we can offer you suitable machines from lab-scale machine to production-scale machine.

Lineup of Screen printer

卓上スクリーン印刷機LABTOP 38

Laboratory screen printer

All (Compact, Excellent printability, Preciseness, Durability) in one high quality screen printer. Ideal size for laboratory use.


Screen printer
MT-320 series

Printing area:150mm. It is a compact screen printer that has all the necessary functions. Supports small size printing with a print area of ​​150 mm or less. It is also ideal for research and development applications.


Screen printer
MT-650 series

Max. printing area: approx. 250mm (when use □550mm frame). It is a screen printer that is not only reliable but also easy to use. There are many options available, and it is compatible with various substrates such as green sheets and silicon wafers for solar cells.

Screen printer
MTP-850 series

MTP-850 is a medium-sized stand-alone screen printer with approx. 450mm x 450mm printable area maximum.   
The rigidness of the larger machines such as MTP-1100 has been inherited and the operability has also been improved pursuing better printability on film devices and so forth.


Screen printer
MTP-1100 series

Max. printing area: approx. 550mm (when use □1100mm frame). It is a large single type standard screen printer. It is a screen printer that has both operability and quality even for large machines while increasing rigidity for large machines.


Screen printer
MTP-1300 series

Max. printing area: approx. 750mm (when use □1300mm frame). The MTP-1300 series is the largest screen printer among single type standard machines. As with the MT-650 series / MTP-1100 series, by adopting the original mechanism for the squeegee head driving unit and table driving unit, it is possible to maintain accuracy even with a large size.


Screen printer
Curved surface printer series

It is a machine that supports printing on curved substrates such as in-vehicle displays, instrument panels, and emblems. Micro-tec's unique mechanism allows you to freely print not only single concave surfaces and convex surfaces, but also S-shaped curved surfaces.

We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
Please feel free to contact us
about screen printing machines.