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Screen printer・MT-320 series

Features of Screen printer・MT-320 seriesCan be visited


The MT-320 series is a compact, versatile screen printer.High rigidity is achieved by setting four guide shafts on a highly rigid cast bed and fixing the printing frame.

The screen is compatible with □ 320 mm / □ 380 mm and can be used for R & D and printing of small areas.

Application example
  • Electronic components
  • Solar cell
  • Touch panel
  • Film device
  • Car parts
  • Fuel cell
  • Semiconductor

Basic specifications of Screen printer・MT-320 series

Size (W)995×(D)1418×(H)1515 (mm) *MT-320TVC Type
Frame size □320㎜、□380㎜
Squeegee head Air balance mechanism (Downstop also can be set)
Squeegee drive Servo motor + Rotary liner driving

Other types of Screen printer・MT-320 series

High-precision screen printer MTVC-320
高精度スクリーン印刷機 MTVC-320

A low-priced printer equipped with an auto-alignment function based on the best-selling model MT-320T has been completed! ! !

From the specifications of the popular automatic alignment printer MT-320TVC, we have created the high cost performance machine-320, leaving only the ones that are used most frequently.
The printability and alignment ability have not changed, and the compactness and production speed have been increased.

Print size MAX approx. 150 mm (180mm can be supported with a 380mm frame)
Frame size 320 mm outer dimensions (380 mm outer dimensions available)
Table size 230mm (standard), 300mm (optional)
Mechanical size (W)1063×(L)1151×(H)1450mm
Manual alignment type MT-320TV
手動アライメントタイプ MT-320TV
Auto alignment type MT-320TVC
オートアライメントタイプ MT-320TVC

We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
Please feel free to contact us
about screen printing machines.