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Screen printer・MTP-1300 series

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The MTP-1300 series is the largest screen printer among single type standard machines. As with the MT-650 series / MTP-1100 series, by adopting the original mechanism for the squeegee head driving unit and table driving unit, it is possible to maintain accuracy even with a large size.

The screen is compatible with □ 1300 to 1500 mm, and can be used for printing larger sizes than the MTP-1100 series.

Application example
  • Electronic components
  • Solar cell
  • Touch panel
  • Film device
  • Car parts
  • Fuel cell
  • Semiconductor

Basic specifications of Screen printer・MTP-1300 series

Size (W)2936×(D)1770×(H)2000 (mm)
Frame size □1300~1500㎜
Squeegee head Air balance mechanism
Squeegee drive Servo motor + Steel belt driving

We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
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