Create the future of
Printable electronics!

The specialized equipment manufacturer for
printing, painting, applying materials and even cutting substrates.

The reason to choose Micro-Tec

"Want to see the happy faces of our customers" is Micro-tec's belief.
At that belief, provide various electronic component manufacturing equipment such as screen printing machines.
We can also prepare the dryers after printing. We propose wide range of dryer products from belt type to batch type according to your needs.
We have achieved this by providing consistent services in-house,
from sales staff who are familiar with screen printing and equipment,
to technology, manufacturing and assembly, and after-sales service after delivery.


About Micro-tec service

We customize and propose screen printing machines, MLCC / LTCC related equipment (laminators, cutting machines, terminator, etc.), transport equipment, automatic production lines, drying furnaces, etc. according to the customer's purpose and application.
And we have many distributors overseas, and provide services from a global perspective.


Our past project・Product compatible size list
Automation, factory automation, etc.

What is screen printing?

It is a printing method using a screen frame. The screen frame is made by weaving fibers such as stainless steel and polyester in a grid pattern. Just like a tennis or badminton net.
It is classified as "stencil printing" in which paste (functional material) is passed through the mesh of the screen frame and transferred to the substrate (object).


Introduction to screen printing

Let's start with "What is printing?"

Corporate information

"Make a company with the best technology in the world!" is our motto since our founding in 1989.Micro-tec keep focusing on improving screen printing technology until today.
Japan's screen printing technology is now a world leader and is an indispensable process for the development of electronics.
We are confident that this technology will definitely contribute to the world, not just in Japan.
"From Japan to the world!"
We will contribute to the development of the electronics industry.

We accept various options and modifications
according to the application and budget.
Please feel free to contact us
about screen printing machines.