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SEMICON Japan 2012

SEMICON Japan 2012
2012/11/5(Wed)-7(Fri) Makuhari Messe

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We exhibit to SEMICON Japan 2012 held in Makuhari Messe on 5th to 7th November, 2012. And we could meet with approx 200 companies customers during this period. It would be greatly appreciated if everybody could have something new ideas on this opportunity.

Exhibited printers
Screen printer: MT-550TVC

- Pre-contact squeegee mechanism
- Frame peel off mechanism
- Table moving: FSTM(Fast Smooth Table Moving) mechanism

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Exhibited samples
Solder bump printing Fine line pirinting for touch screen BM(Black Matrix) printing for EVF(Electronic View Finder)
Samples display Samples display Samples display


**For further detailed information on each products or printing process, access HERE.
Even if your requirements such as print size etc. do not meet the specifications of our products, please contact us for solutions or alternative ideas. Micro-tec will keep on challenging for potentiality of screen printing process and always have a pleasure in fulfilling your requirements.