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Recent events

43rd Internepcon Japan

Finetech Japan 2013

Micro-tec Co., Ltd. participated in 43rd Internepcon Japan .

Previous exhibition

Theme: “Faster and Faster”
Machine demonstration:


Sample display:
  • Inorganic and organic metal compounds (Resinate) on Poly-imide film, for Fine line patterning.
  • **Twisting inspection adapted.
  • 0201mm sized, Cut/Dipped sample
  • Fine line patterning with Cu paste on film
  • Print sample by Super Hard Stainless steel mesh
  • **The best approach for Fine pattern making with high-accuracy print.
  • Print sample with Lift-off ink
  • **No etching process approach
  • Total solution
  • **OPP self-adhesive film, Easy peeling masking material, Eco-Screen cleaning material

Thank you very much for visiting our booth during the show. We would like to welcome you again.

**For further detailed information on each products or printing process, access HERE.
Even if your requirements such as print size etc. do not meet the specifications of our products, please contact us for solutions or alternative ideas. Micro-tec will keep on challenging for potentiality of screen printing process and always have a pleasure in fulfilling your requirements.