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Recent events

39th internepcon Japan

our booth
We are very pleased that more than 400 visitors from over the world visited our booth during the 39th INTERNEPCON JAPAN which took place at Tokyo Big Sight during 20-22/Jan, 2010. We would consider this as a big chance to build a good relationship between you and us for tighter cooperation and future innovations.
Exhibited Screen Printers
  • MT-100(As a reference exhibit)
  • The first screen printer of Micro-tec.
  • MT-320TV
  • Precision low-pressure screen printer.
  • MTT-380TVC
  • For Membrane, Flexible Film application

    Etching resist printing

    Etching resist printing
    Cooperated by

    Paste: Kansai Print Co., Ltd.
    Screen: SONOCOM Co., Ltd.

    Copper paste printing

    Fine pattern print for Porous Film

    Passivation film

    Electro-conductive paste for solder plating
    Cooperated by

    PI R&D Co., Ltd.
    Mitsubishi Corporation

    Hot melt printing

    20th Anniversary
    Cooperated by

    Paste: Ferro Corp.
    Screen: MURAKAMI Co., Ltd.

    High aspect printing

    Thick film print
    Cooperated by

    Paste: NAMICS CO., LTD.
    Screen: Tokyo Process Service Co., Ltd.

    Micro Squeegee series

    Micro squeegee series
    **For further detailed information on each products or printing process, access HERE.
    Even if your requirements such as print size etc. do not meet the specifications of our products, please contact us for solutions or alternative ideas. Micro-tec will keep on challenging for potentiality of screen printing process and always have a pleasure in fulfilling your requirements.