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♦ Micro-tec R&D instruments
Various analysis, such as a printing result and screen analysis, is conducted, and the optimal printing conditions are proposed.
Large Length Measuring Machine 2500 x 2500mm
Large length measuring machine
Max.Screen frame size 2500mm. It checks and measure the condition of an emulsion, a mesh and print result.
3D Measuring Instrument NIKON NEXIV VMR-3020
3D Measuring instrument
With a "CNC picture measurement system", with high precision, it can automatic-measure and can inspect the size and form of a substrate.
Digital Microscope KEYENCE VHX
digital microscope
3D observation& measurements.
An irregular subject can also observe and measure the shape of surface by using 3D display.
Electronic Balancer AND-HR
electronic balancer
Minimum measurement 0.1mg
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