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Solar cell application

Screen Printer for Hot-Melt

screen printer for hot melt
Acceptable Wafer Size : 125x125mm,
Screen size : A) 450x450mm
B) 550x550mm / 550x650mm
Squeegee Speed : 10 - 300mm / sec
Printing Pressure Mechanism : Vertical air balance system
Table Repeatability : plusminus 0.005mm
screen printer
  • Compact printer for both 5” and 6” wafers
  • Heating system to keep hot-melt ink in melted condition
  • Low squeegee pressure to protect brittle wafer
  • Air Balanced Method for stable print pressure
  • Higher finger line print with hot-melt ink
  • No printed ink spread with hot-melt ink
  • No dryer is required with hot-melt ink
  • Heating Performance