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Solar cell application


solar_cell Today's automated solar cell production requires optimized machinery for precise and fast cell handling.

Micro-tec’s fully integrated lines automatically process solar cells through Metallization steps as printing of silver and aluminum paste, drying and automatic handling.



The inline solutions feature highest precision and high throughput combined with very low breakage rates.

With a combined know how about high precision screen printing of nearly 40 years and over 60 lines and machines delivered to the solar industry, Micro-tec can support you during the evaluation phase to choose the right equipment from our standard program and helps you to define the ideal solution.


The most conspicuous characteristic of our screen printers is that all of them are low-pressure printing machines. This is the best way to minimize the damage onto wafers which cause defect during metallization process.

MPV-2400 machine3
finger line printing

It is also capable of printing finger lines with high aspect ratio for higher efficiency.

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