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1989 10 Micro Squeegees developed
1990 01 First printing machine (MT-100) developed
04 HIC printing machine (MT-150R) developed
08 Medium-sized PCB printing machine (MT-750) developed
1992 03 Auto alignment machine (MT-2000TVC) developed
04 Fully-automated LTCC printing machine (MT-9212) developed
08 In-line type LCD printing machine (MT-9214) developed
1993 04 Fully-automated through hole printing machine (MT-9314) developed
06 Squeegee grinding machine (MDL-5) developed
1994 04 30" PDP printing machine (MT-1200TVC) developed
1995 06 Fully-automated auto alignment machine (MT-454) developed  
07 40" PDP printing machine (MT-1500TVC) developed  
10 Niigata factory opened  
1996 04 Fully-automated 40" PDP printing and drying line developed
07 A prize for "Advanced Display of the year '96" Display Devices Excellency awarded
1997 01 A commendation for Chiba prefecture Venture Enterprises Entrepreneur Excellency awarded
05 60" PDP printing machine (MT-7010) developed
08 Full automated metallization line for solar cell developed
1998 01 Highly accurate printing machine (MT-320 series) developed
1999 06 Highly accurate printing machine (MT-550 series) developed
09 BGA correspondence printing machine (MT-1100TVC) developed
2000 01 New Urasa factory established
06 Highly accurate printing machine (MT-80SP) developed for solder bump printing on 6" or 8" wafer
2001 05 The screen printer for 70" PDP developed  
06 MT-850 series developed  
10 Urasa factory extended  
2002 03 The full auto-reel to reel screen printer MTT-380TVC developed MTP-2000/700
2003 03 Screen printer with Air snap-off (MT-550TVC-AR) developed
2005 02 Kansai office established
10 The full auto-reel to reel screen printer MTT-450TVC developed
2006 05 Micro-tec Co., Ltd. (Niigata factory) has obtained ISO14001:2004
12 Micro-tec Co., Ltd. was selected as 'Top Company of Niigata Prefecture'  
2007 01 Metallization line for Solar cell (MPV-1400) developed  
2008 02 Micro-tec Co., Ltd. (Head office) has obtained ISO14001:2004  
2009 01 Nagaoka factory established. Termimator/cutting machine
  12 Metallization line for Solar cell (MPV-2400) developed
2010 10 Head office relocated.
2012 01 Screen printer for touch screen panel MTP-1100TVC developed
  07 Fully automated printing system MTP-2000/MTP-700 developed
  08 Terminator and Cutting machine developed
2013 02 MT-650 series developed.  
2014 08 Yoshiaki Tagami, former president, has been inaugurated to Executive Chairman.
At the same time, Yoichi Tagami, former Vice President, has succeeded the position of the President.