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♦ Print related materials
This special adhesive tape for cleaning and removing paste on screen's backside.
Screen frame
Aluminium casting frame to maintain high accuracy, high rigidity and so on.
dust roller
Dust roller
It is a cleaning roller which removes the garbage on a substrate before printing.  Lineup for various substrates.
Operator friendly!  Low smell type screen detergent
“Super fine MT” (right)
The eco-friendly goods of not corresponding to PRTR method and a Labor safety law of organic matter rule.
* From indication of carcinogenicity or reproductive toxicity, etc., the ethyl benzene which became a "specified chemical substance" is not included.
Masking material for precision processing of glass (left)
The exfoliation excellent in chemical resistance which can be used for a large use is easy, and does not remain vitrified.
It was developed for precision processing of glass.
opp film
Self-adhesiveness OPP film without adhesive material.
Any adhesive materials are not used. There are no worries about the anything residue to an base substrate
It excels in low contamination nature, heat resistance, and chemical resistance, and cost performance is also high.
[The example of adoption]
  • Temporary fixation and masking of the work at the time of precision processing
  • Trial printing of screen-stencil
  • A screen, touch-panel splash prevention, others
Heat resistance and an electric conduction resin cassette
  • The highly efficient heat-resistant cassette in which 50 substrates storage is possible.
  • A side rail position can be changed and it can respond to substrate storage of various sizes.
  • Adopt highly efficient electric conduction resin as a side rail, and attain heat resistance, a weight saving, and a cost saving.
  • Reduce the damage to a glass substrate by revivification of a side rail.
  • As for a side rail, a slit type can also be changed according to preparation and a use.
**For customers OEM requirement we can help to select optional items and right modifications. Please access us once from our Inquiry Form in the 'CONTACT'.
Test printing is possible if you bring the screen mask, paste and substrate at Micro-tec's Urayasu office and Niigata factory.