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Table slow down function (Z)
In case of On-contact printing or print using metal mask, this function is effective to carry out better snap-off.
*Slow down stroke : 0 - 10mm
*Slow down speed : 0.01 - 10mm/sec

Porous jig table
Substrate is uniformly sucked and protects the thinner substrate such as green sheets, flexible films etc. from the damage by using the porous jig table.

Through hole jig
Special jig table for through-hole printing.

Paper feeding unit
Paper prevents the paste from staining into porous area during "via fill printing". Paper feeding speed is changeable.

Auto clamping system
Substrate's position is mechanically aligned by the auto clamping system.
(This system can be adopted to corner or center criterion.)

Graved jig table
This is special jig table to minimize gap between substrate and printing table top. By using this jig table, damage to screen can be reduced.

Auto pin up/down mechanism
*Pre-positioning of the substrate on the table can be easily achieved.
*To remove printed substrates easily, pins go up automatically and printed substrates are lifted up.
**For customers OEM requirement we can help to select optional items and right modifications. Please access us once from our Inquiry Form in the 'CONTACT'.
Test printing is possible if you bring the screen mask, paste and substrate at Micro-tec's Urayasu office and Niigata factory.