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♦ Reel to reel Screen printer MTT-380TVC/MTT-450TVC
MTP-2000 | MTP-700 |
Reel-to-reel film | Reel to reel | In-line systems |
MPV-2400 | MPV-1400 | MPV-500 |
Solder bump printing | For LCD | For bigger glass |
This fully automatic alignment type printer features reel-to-reel transfer and is compatible with COFs, TABs, TCPs, etc. Designed for large-variety large-volume printing, the production line of this low-pressure roll-to-roll type screen printer equipped with a screen recognition function pursues high productivity, high accuracy, and ease of operation.

Screen size 320 x 320mm, 380 x 380mm
Film size(width) 35 - 125mm
Printing area (forward direction) Up to 120mm
Automatic alignment mechanism provided
Squeegee head 90-degrees rotation system adopted (PAT.P)
Screen size 450 x 450mm
Film size(width) 35 - 165mm
Printing area (forward direction) Up to 200mm
Automatic alignment mechanism provided
Squeegee automatic concurrent adjustment mechanism adopted
**For customers OEM requirement we can help to select optional items and right modifications. Please access us once from our Inquiry Form in the 'CONTACT'.
Test printing is possible if you bring the screen mask, paste and substrate at Micro-tec's Urayasu office and Niigata factory.