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♦Screen printer, MT-650 series (New products)
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From our history of extensive development and pursuit of screen printing technology, Micro-tec firmly believes that bleeding can be substanially reduced with the use of Pre-Contact Squeegees. (option) The Pre-Contact Squeegees helps pressing the screen to be contact with the substrate before actual printing takes place which results in substantially decreased bleeding.
The MT-650 series low pressure printing machine can be equipped with Pre-Contact Squeegees UP-Down mechanism that is placed in front of both sides of main squeegee. This positioning supports the Pre-Contact printing with little effort.
By changing the squeegee holder attachment, the MT-650 series can be equipped with both the double squeegee and Pre-contact Squeegee enabling to print solder paste without bleeding.

MT-650 series Standard specification
Maximum printing area 250 mm x 250 mm (Approx)
Screen frame 550 mm x 550 mm (outside)
450 mm x 450 mm (outside)
550 mm x 650 mm (outside)
Table size 360 mm x 360 mm (standard)
230 mm x 230 mm (option)
**For customers OEM requirement we can help to select optional items and right modifications. Please access us once from our Inquiry Form in the 'CONTACT'.
Test printing is possible if you bring the screen mask, paste and substrate at Micro-tec's Urayasu office and Niigata factory.