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♦Screen printer, MT-320 series
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MT-320image MT-320 series is a small sized multi-purpose low pressure screen printing machine developed by Micro-tec's new design concepts. Four guide shafts stand on solid casting-plate to support screen frame, eliminating contact-departure mechanism used in the past and runs on the slope rail (PAT.P).

The squeegee head turns around (PAT.P) approximately 90 degree to the upward direction, thus providing a simple and speedy put on and off of a squeegee, a scraper or a screen frame and maintenance or cleaning. A compact machine but with accurate and higher operatability. Modification to install 380 x 380mm screen frame and 300 x 300mm table (option) are possible upon request to have an expanded printing area.

MT-320 series Standard specification
Maximum printing area 150mm x 150mm (approx) (Screen frame set 380mm x 380mm, 180mm x 180mm available)
Screen frame 320 mm x 320 mm x 16.5t (outside) (380 mm x 380mm adjustable)
Table size 230mm x 230mm (300 mm x 300 mm adjustable: option)

Manual alignment type Auto alignment type
mt-320tv mt-320tvc
♦ Precision Low-Pressure Screen Printer MTVC-320
MT-320�C���[�W Features for this new printer

1) LOWER PRICE (than standard MT-320TVC)
2) MORE COMPACT (than standard MT-320TVC)
3) HIGHER SPEED (than standard MT-320TVC)

MTVC-320 Standard specifications
Maximum printing area 150 x 150 mm (approx)
Screen frame 320 x 320mm x 16.5t (outside) ( 380 x 380mm adjustable )
Table size 230 x 230mm ( 300 x 300mm adjustable : option )
Machine dimension W 1063 x L 1151 x H 1450mm (approx)
**For customers OEM requirement we can help to select optional items and right modifications. Please access us once from our Inquiry Form in the 'CONTACT'.
Test printing is possible if you bring the screen mask, paste and substrate at Micro-tec's Urayasu office and Niigata factory.