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Dye-sensitized Solar Cell

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  • dye-sensitized solar cell
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As of today, power efficiency of Dye-sensitive Solar Cell is still inferior to conventional crystal wafer solar cell but due to its high cost performance, it is said that this solar cell has a bright future.

Basic structure of dye-sensitive solar cell

basic structure

After sun light is taken in from the front substrate, by absorbing sun light, the dye becomes energized and gives off electrons.  The electrons move to the transparent conductive substrate through oxidized titanium (TiO2) and flow into outside electrodes.  The dye gives off electrons, becomes + ion and returns to the ground state after receiving electrons from antipole electrodes through electrolysis solution.

Screen print applications on DSSC

Micro-tec screen printer is capable of printing from thick films to fine lines on various applications, such as titanium dioxide layer, collective electrode, protective/sealing film, platinum electrode layer, etc.

screen print applications

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