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Crystalline silicon Solar Cell

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Among the many types of solar cells, crystalline Solar cells have a good efficiency performance and they are the type with the highest share in the market

The principle of energy generation of crystalline Solar cells

principle of energy generation

The sunlight that shines on a solar cell looses positive and negative electrons, which start to move inside the cell. When the negative electrons touch the p-n-junction and move in the n-layer, the positive electrons stay in the p-layer. Both are separated from each other and electric voltage starts to flow. Touching the surface conductors, an electric current is produced and electricity generated. Screen-printing can be used especially for applying the surface conductors on the silicon wafers.
Differences between mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline silicon wafers
Crystalline silicon solar cells consist of two types: mono-crystalline cells and poly-crystalline cells. The basic principle is nearly the same; both types are produced from a silicon ingot but every type has its advantages and deficits, regarding cost and cell quality.

principle of energy generation

Advantages and deficits of Mono-crystalline Solar cells Advantages and deficits of Poly-crystalline Solar cells
Higher energy efficiency
Production cost lower because of low raw material price
Production cost high because of high raw material price
Energy efficiency is lower because of low-quality silicon structure

Basic process of Solar cell production in combination with the Screen-printing method

principle of energy generation

Achieving a higher efficiency … Micro-tec’s solutions

1. Micro Squeegee
micro squeegee With Micro-tec’s original squeegee, it is possible to print high performance conductive lines on a stable level.
2. Air-Balance
Air-balance This original pressure control mechanism minimizes the stress on the wafer for a low breakage rate. Furthermore the damage to the texture layer of the wafer is also minimized
3. Multi-layer printing of high-aspect conductors
finger line print Micro-tec screen printers with high-precision alignment system are also capable of multi-layer print (high-aspect finger line print).

Micro-tec screen printers for this application