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Screen-printing applications in the production of semi-conductors

Although vacuum processes are quite often during the production and processing of semiconductors, screen-printing machines are also used. This is because of the low necessary capital expenditure and the high productivity while maintaining very low production costs even under mass-production conditions.
Furthermore, a significant reduction of production steps and a decrease of waste and environmental hazards can be achieved by adopting screen-printing technology.

Screen printing applied process

screen printing applied process

  • Solder Micro-printing
    To install electric elements or components on the wafer surface, screen-printed solder connections are used. In order to make common household electronics like personal computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and televisions smaller, thinner and more compact, the space required for these connectors has to be reduced while maintaining high precision and accuracy in placing these connectors.
    With Micro-tec screen-printing machines, this task can be accomplished.
  • Redistribution Connector
    The formation of redistribution connectors on the wafer surface is generally done by sputtering technology. To reduce capital expenditure and production costs, screen-printing can also be adopted for this process.
  • Passivation
    The use of screen-printing for the formation of polyimide-passivation layer on power-device semiconductors is now well researched and continuously improved. Generally, the passivation membrane protects (isolates) the electric wiring and connectors from any damage or other critical influence. Thus, it is highly important for a stable and high-level performance of the semiconductor.
    However, this process is dependent on the successful combination of various parameters that must be met in order to achieve best results and highest quality:
      ·the polyimide ink must withstand multiple printing
      ·the screen-mesh must produce a printed membrane with high aspect-ratio while keeping best printing accuracy
      ·the screen-printing machine must be designed for high-accuracy
    and if these demands are fulfilled, an excellent passivation screen-printing process can be realized.

Micro-tec's experience and knowledge of high-precision screen-printing machines for various applications, our long-lasting and trustful cooperation with numerous screen-makers and paste-manufacturers now enables our customers to take all the screen-printing technology from one source for best results and benefits.
Micro-tec especially recommends the following machines that were developed to meet the listed demands for the production of high-end products even with difficult printing conditions and parameters.
Solder-bump screen-printing machines for 8" wafer

Micro-tec screen printers for this application