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  • LTCC
  • MLCC
  • film device
  • crystalline sillicon solar cell
  • dye-sensitized solar cell
  • fuel cell
  • touch screen
  • electric papaer
  • semiconductor

What is MLCC?

MLCC (Multi-Layered Ceramic Capacitor) is a chip type condenser of layered ceramic by dielectric and metal electrodes designed for high capacity in a small format. It is mounted on almost every print circuit board for noise reduction  and constant circuit setting purposes. For example, there are approx. 100 - 300 chips in one mobile phone.

In-side structure?

in-side structure of MLCC

Printing process

  • The same pattern is continuously printed on the roll ceramic sheet.


  • Cutting the printed patterns into blocks, then layering them.

cutting & layering

  • The layered sheets are then cut into single chips.

cutting into 1 chip

Micro-tec screen printers for this application