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Film Devices and Applications

  • LTCC
  • MLCC
  • film device
  • crystalline sillicon solar cell
  • dye-sensitized solar cell
  • fuel cell
  • touch screen
  • electric papaer
  • semiconductor
Electronic equipment used for everyday purposes like mobile phones and portable entertainment devices are becoming more and more flat, small and lightweight. Because of that, the demand of thin film has risen steadily in the past years.

Challenges for Screen-printing

One way of facilitating film substrates is with Screen-printing. The screen-printing of flexible substrates like PET or Polyimide (PI) can especially be used for signal transmitters in mobile devices like the films used in the hinges of a foldable mobile phone or the cables in the lens of a camera.

Micro-tec’s screen-printers cannot only be used for the printing of conductive materials, but also for applying insulators, isolators, adhesives and other processes. Micro-tec is capable of the formation of a pattern directly on thin film, printing on extreme thin or bended substrates, like solar cells, fuel cells or substrates for sensors in touch screens.

Roll-to-Roll handling

One method to make the production of thin-film as efficient as possible is the Roll-to-Roll technique. Up to now the sheets with the substrate were processed in the machine one by one, but with the advent of the Roll-to-Roll technique, it is possible to maximize the production rate by continuously feeding substrates into the machine with simultaneously reducing the loss of time by substituting the laborious loading of substrate sheet with an automatic handling process. Along with these improvements goes also a significant raise of cleanliness of the workspace. See the datasheet of the MT-380 screen-printing machine for an example of Roll-to-Roll printing.

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